View Full Version : Peru: major help needed

17th Apr 2006, 04:46
i am at the pt of where the floor breaks during the cutscene and i have to press certain keys b4 i fall and die. i cannot figure this out. i have ps2 please help and explain

17th Apr 2006, 04:46
Heh just press the keys it says >_<

17th Apr 2006, 04:47
do u have ps2

17th Apr 2006, 04:49
I have the pc edition, I don't have the ps2 one. I know if you see the arrows you press the direction it shows, and if you see a lil lara symbol, that means you control her yourself and do whatever actions needed to stay alive. I can't remember exactly the area your speaking of off the top of my head, but just keep pressing the buttons and if the game is saying ur pressing the wrong direction, try a different one. I know one of the directions on one of these cinematic events I played, I pressed the way it showed on screen and I actually had to press another direction and then I passed it, it might've been in peru...not sure.

17th Apr 2006, 04:52
Also here is the full walkthru guide for all the levels, maybe your question can be answered here. You should bookmark this page for further reference.


17th Apr 2006, 05:53
Just do the same thing you did in Bolivia... You know when the floor opens and blades start to swing. It prompts you to hit O and then X. I believe in Peru its Forward on the left anolog, then Square and then Triangle but I could be wrong. Later in Japan you get to do another cool one but I won't spoil that for you.

17th Apr 2006, 15:45
for PS2 on this bit, press up on left stick, then X then triangle, but not until these come up on the screen. and yes i have the PS2 version and completed it many times now :)