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17th Apr 2006, 04:26
Does any one know when Thief 2 will be out for the PS2 or Xbox? I really enjoyed Deadly Shadows on the XBox and hope there will be another release of Thief 2. I found buying games for the PC meant always having to upgrade which proved to costly.:D

17th Apr 2006, 04:40
Since Thief 2 was released back in 2000 and the developer shut down shortly thereafter, I feel pretty safe in saying "It ain't happening". The good news is that 1) You can pick up Thief 2 for the PC pretty cheap (usually about $10), and 2) Since it's been 5-6 years since it came out, you won't have to upgrade your computer to run it. The looks aren't great compared to today's games, but the gameplay is stellar.

17th Apr 2006, 16:41
Thanks.for replying, I will go and get Thief for PC. Didn't know the company went out of business. Too bad, Deep Shadows was a terrific game. Do you know of any similar game that uses stealth? I do have
Spinter Cell series. Again thanks.:thumbsup:

25th Apr 2006, 20:23
Search the forum and I am sure that you will find a thread with similiar games...