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16th Apr 2006, 23:41
I have completed Tomb Raider Legend and well on my way to unlocking everything available. Ever since I got the game I have been pretty much hooked on it and for the first time in a tomb raider game, it has definite replay value which is encompassed in acquiring all secrets in order to unlock items outside and inside the game. I am currently on 98% with a couple of silver and bronze rewards to collect. In the unlockable cheat section, I have unlocked all possible, from textureless mode to wielding the soul reaver, and all work in game except for the unlimited shotgun ammo. Ok, it is only one cheat that isn’t working in game :P, but still, after putting in effort in order to unlock it, would be nice if I could use while playing. When activating other cheats such as the unlimited assault rifle, you hear the chime in the background and the weapon appears on Lara's back. However, when I press Backspace and 5 in order to activate the unlimited Shotgun, there is no sound and no shotgun appears on my back. I have definitely unlocked the cheat as I have completed West Africa in the time trial difficulty and it is displayed in the cheat section outside the game. To get to the point as I am beginning to ramble on :P, I would like to know if there are any other gamers out there that are experiencing the same problems so I can confirm whether it is a bug within the game that will of course be fixed in following patches, or whether it is just a one of incident with my game.

Thanks :P

17th Apr 2006, 06:08
Please check here: -


This is on the same page where you have posted.