View Full Version : Playstation2 controller setup

16th Apr 2006, 21:30
I have the game on PC but just bought a converter for a ps2 controller into USB so I was wondering if some helpful soul could post the basic ps2 controller setup for TRL and I will be very happy.

Just spent an hour trying to get the controls to be smooth but it would be nice with the "real" ones. Atleast to look at them..

16th Apr 2006, 22:35
PS2 control is set up basicly...

Left analog controls direction

Right analog when pressed in enters acutate gun target mode. Rotate camera view

Right control= PLS
Left control= Binoculars
Up control= Health Pack
Down control= switch guns

X = jump, and all other functions associated with jump (grapple, grab swim up etc)
O= Crouch/roll/slide when targeting, swim down
Square= grapple
Triangle=Action control, swim fast etc

L1=Target lock/zoom out with binoculars
L2=Realign camera behind Lara
R2= Toss grenade/flare