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16th Apr 2006, 19:12
Was anyone else surprised at how absolutely angry and full of rage Lara was when confronting Amanda at the end of the game? I know for the entire duration of the story Lara felt deeply sorry and responsible for what happened to Amanda, but at the end there she just seemed to..well..snap. Usually Lara is firm when confronting enemies, but that's the first time I ever really saw her 'lose her cool'.

Infact, this whole game was interesting in how it showed Lara as more of a human being and, more full of emotion than she had in the past. We saw Lara scared, sad, full of fear, and not always that tough as nails girl Core tried to make her out to be. And honestly? I liked that more. I liked that Lara enjoyed herself during this game, yet at the same time I liked how she commented on her environments and even showcased pain when we jumped in the bone freezing waters of Nepal. Lara's not a superhero by any means, so the fact that Crystal Dynamics made her more human in this game..really brings a huge smile to my face.

While a 14:44 completion time to me is still short, I feel that CD did this on purpose in order to make us hungry for the probably much longer and more difficult Tomb Raider 8 that will be heading our way eventually. It would've been nice to have at least one more mission, but then the story wouldn't flow as well as it did.

I truly cant wait for Lara to find her way to Avalon and discover what truly happened to her mom all those years ago. However, my only concern is that we see a little more of her dad in the next game. I feel he was heavily neglected in this story.

16th Apr 2006, 19:56
...my only concern is that we see a little more of her dad in the next game. I feel he was heavily neglected in this story.

I think they are leaning the game more towards the movie now. Didn't her dad die?

16th Apr 2006, 20:00
I think they are leaning the game more towards the movie now. Didn't her dad die?

Perhaps. That's where things get tricky. In the movie you really dont know what happened to Lara's mother and her dad is murdered because he mingled with the wrong folks.

However, in this game her mother was in the plane crash with her and her dad died searching for the answers. So I'm not quite sure where they're going to go with this.

However, it all makes sense now. What Lara sees at the end of the game is her mother talking to the voices in the beginning the game. So basically, Lara's mother was hearing LARA in the future, and Lara was seeing her mother in the past..if that makes any sense.

16th Apr 2006, 20:15
I found the ending to be spot on, hell dont you just love angry Lara...

Sweet... :p

16th Apr 2006, 20:54
I was shocked by it as well, but it was cool how she showed so many different emotions during the game like you said.

Legendary Lara Croft
16th Apr 2006, 21:04
i think it was cool, showed Lara's character, she's got a temper. I would be pissed too if anyone would try to hurt my mother

16th Apr 2006, 21:05
Yeah the 'for now on, every breath you take will be a gift from me' was so sinister. I LOVED it.

16th Apr 2006, 21:27
I Think im missing something........

TR 1 (never played)
TR 2 (completed)
TR 3 (Completed)
TR 4 (never finished)
TR 5 (Chronicals? Never played it anyway)
TR 6 Angel of darkness? (never finished)
TR 7 Legend (Completed)

Right now im wondering if you can help me because im missing something here, its as if ive started watching a film half way through. If you can tell me which ones i need to play if they have for things to become a little less blurry it would be great. I got the story in this game i just feel like ive missed something.

Legend was a great game and to be honest its my fravorite out of the ones ive played. Have they started linking the games or something? Plus theyve put me on a massive Cliff Hanger aswell, I was expecting another level where she was trying to rescue her mother or something but instead the credits were rolling.

Great game though i loved it.

16th Apr 2006, 21:55
Well i like the last cut-scene 2 :D. Every time I see it I feel like listening 2 some rock or punch someone :p. She is better now then in the older version but because the game is 2 short there aren't 2 many cut-scenes and u can't really tell 2 much about her. Maybe next time :P.

And Cliff-Hanger TR1-TR6 were a story and TRL is diffrent. Her past is changed and so the other TR's don't count anymore :(. Anyway, it was a nice story (TR1-TR6 but I think that if this is a new begging at least they should do a greater end to the other Lara :rolleyes:). For U're enterteinment I think U should finish TR4, is one of the greatest ;), TR2 and TR4 are the best for me, I played just a small part of TR1 :( but from what i read is a great one 2 ;). And if anyone can help me, I have TR1 but the sound doesn't work. Does it have some nice cut-scenes or nice sound parts? Or i should contiue it like this. I played for about 4 hours and there were no cutscenes and nothing that requiered sound.:confused:

Legendary Lara Croft
16th Apr 2006, 22:40
tomb raider movies are very different from games, i advice you to play all the earlier parts starting from the first

17th Apr 2006, 00:59
Yes I just posted a thread about how awesome that last cutscene was! Didn't you love it - I mean that cutscene right there when she was freaking out on Amanda made me love Lara. You also have a good point about how they made her more happy, sad, and just showing more emotions in general. I loved it.

17th Apr 2006, 02:23
I finally finished the game today. I don't understand how people felt let down at the end. The way everything unfolded basically tells you that there will be a part 2 to the game/story. I can't wait for TR8. Im sure TRL was made the way it was to show you where they were heading with the series. Im sure the next game will have less of a "show me the way" type feel. Hopefully, Lara's manor will serve as a training level.

They basically know that majority TR fans want her back in the caves majority of the time so it wont be hard to please next go round. Majority of us just want a longer game even if it's just roaming around a cave finding hidden secret unlockable thingies.

As far as the whole ear piece communication thing, I thought that would be the worst thing when I first heard it but it actually turned out pretty nice. I think that in the next game, they should only use it up to a certain radius.

anywho. Am I the only one who feels TRL is a mix between AODs graphics and TR4?

17th Apr 2006, 03:19
Yep, I love the ending. Angry Lara rules! I haven't felt this good finishing a game in awhile, and Legend's ending definately rocks. The whole game rocks!

I hope the next sequel comes soon!

17th Apr 2006, 06:54
Waited a long time for this.

Bought my PS2 for Angel Of Darkness, and It looks like I'll need to get a PS3 for TR8.

Gameplay was awesome....although I like the AofD story, the controls sucked. this was a return to ease of play. A very engaging story line and an absolutely stellar finale.

Going back to pick up the missed rewards now. What an amazing game.

17th Apr 2006, 07:01
the game was great, ive been replaying over and over, yes the ending was great too, and i thought it would be interesting to see the ending with the amanda costume enabled. its pretty cool seeing amanda telling herself off;)