View Full Version : Usb Problem???

16th Apr 2006, 17:54
have anybody else problem after starting the game with uncontroled movement of Lara? probably its related to USB keyboard. i had similar problems with FEW games (FIFA...) but i`m not sure this time. after start of level lara still runs and i cant control it much. plz help... i am using SAITEK USB GAMING keyboard

16th Apr 2006, 18:21
Between the lock-ups stated here: http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?t=58485

And the menu problems here:

Its fairly safe to say there is a big problem with the control scheme for this game. I am going to put in a request at Eidos technical support tonight when I get home for my problem. I suggest you do the same.

17th Apr 2006, 06:01
Add to that the vibration gamepad crash.


Also you don't have a gamepad with an analog stick?
If yes you may need to recalibrate it (just a thought).

17th Apr 2006, 08:29
none joypad using during game and none is installed while playing :confused:

17th Apr 2006, 11:03
I tried my Razer Diamondback last night and the game crashed my PC again, but my Microsoft USB mouse works fine. Also, I am using a USB keyboard without any problems, as long as I don't have my Razer plugged in.