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16th Apr 2006, 17:24
Well so how is it? I bought it but because of the copy protection I can't play it (PC version). I guess this is going to be the last Eidos game I buy because if they value the idea that stoping people who pay $40 to buy a game because they think people will steal it is worth more. I just don't get it! :mad:

And to anyone from Eidos or Crystal Dynamics remember what is starting to happen to Star Force right now and how the backlash is starting to get major publishers like UBI to stop using it because they are going to lose lagit sales because of overly obtrusive security methods! I was sold on this game by the demo and now I have a $40 game I can't play or return! No mention on the pacjaging or anywhere else for that matter about the fact that you have so much copy protection lagit users may not be able to play the game! I am not really one to post threads like this or even post in forums at all but I am so pissed right now I can't even tell you!!! Thanks again for the great new TR game........or so I hear!

16th Apr 2006, 17:28


But really, what does the game tell you?
It could just be somthing you did wrong, we can't help unless you tell us the exact problem.

16th Apr 2006, 19:05
Don't fly off the handle too much and calm down a little.

Now I assume you have installed the game (so your computer is OK and the DVD is readable), but you simply can't play the game now it's installed.

Mine was just the same but there are some things you can do (mine is now playing just fine)

First when you pop in the DVD does the DVD ROM led flash about once a second and a fraction later the hard drive led flashes but nothing loads?

If so this is the copy protection trying to read the DVD but having problems decoding the information.

This is what I did. First clean the DVD with a damp (not wet) clean cloth (clean hankey is good :) ). I know, it's brand new why should this work? I think static gets built up on the surface and can cause problems.

This worked for me but there was still the odd glitch so I then disabled my network and then my virus scanner (Avast) and the game runs fire now.

If your still have problems you can also email the copy-protection site and see if they can help. I havn't got the url but it is on the forum somewhere if you have a look around.

Good luck