View Full Version : TRL xbox360 freezes and artifacts.

16th Apr 2006, 16:41
I picked up TRL for my xbox 360, pretty game i must say. BUT WTF in the first puzzle room with the two wall gears and the 3 switches it freezes on me after im in that room for about 5min. I finially got past it did it in like 2 min...lol but now right after that point the cut sceen with the hellicopter and the bridge i get artifacts if i look back from the way i came into the room.

has anyone else had this problem?
none of my other games freeze or get artifacts, so im wondering if i just got a defective disk.

i will be taking it back to the store come monday ethier way for a new copy just incase

23rd Apr 2006, 02:21
there has been a lot of talk about general xbox 360 issues with alot of games it sounds to me like you xbox 360 comes under the catagory of the ones that overhead and its nothing to do with the game....it may just be the location you have your console in....if not just give microsoft a call on the xbox help line and they will pick it up and repair it for you and get it back to u within like 2 - 5 days.....hope that helps