View Full Version : FFXIV: Dodge/Evade ability?

13th Sep 2013, 03:03
So now that the server issues have been mostly smoothed out I've been able to enjoy the game quite a bit more than I could before. The only thing that I think could make the game better would be a dodge roll or evade ability like they have in Guide Wars 2. I find that sauntering out of aoe attacks from bosses to be boring. I'd much rather leap out of the way of a massive blow from enemies.

What do you guys think? Would an evade ability improve the game play?

13th Sep 2013, 06:38
Didn't like the evade mechanic in GW2 much, especially when it came to the dailies and timing was critical and even if you succeeded in getting out of the way you'd often not be credited with it due to lag.

More seriously though it was simply a 'back flip' type of move, ie. ALWAYS backwards, and there are many times you want/need to go SIDEWAYS. Using the Strafe moves seems pretty reasonable, moving back though is annoying if, like me, you use the mouse for forward/backward motion. I suppose a GW2-like 'evade' would be useful there but then I'd also want a sideways equivalent rather than a 'strafe' type movement.

14th Sep 2013, 20:43
The actual damage immunization with the evade mechanic is the problem with GW2. You pretty much had to roll around in aoe to get credited, rather than dodge out of the way. That and the daily achievements were kinda lame..

I still think evade/dodging would be cool. Whether it's a back flip or a dive roll. I just don't like running out of aoe, it seems outdated and wow-esc.