View Full Version : Help with cheats!!!!!!

16th Apr 2006, 16:11
I simply cannot use the cheats in my PS2... :confused:
I don't know why, I tryed to use the cheats during the game, but nothing happens... Can anybody help me? PLEASE!!!!
Sorry my bad english, I'm portuguese... :cool:

16th Apr 2006, 16:42
you must achieve certain condition to activate the cheat code.

it's generally passed the whole game or time trial of a level, have you done that?

17th Apr 2006, 15:54
Well... I did only the first levels, I'm in Peru, I think, I just did the level that is a kind of a flashback with Amanda... :p
I only started to play some days ago... but I did the continue thing... not the trial... have I to do that?
Thanx in advance :o

17th Apr 2006, 16:47
Sorry my bad english, I'm portuguese... :cool:

Why is it everyone that says this has very good English... ? I am learning another language, and it's difficult, but I will be very happy if I can speak my new language as good as you speak English.

18th Apr 2006, 15:57
Thanx :o I guess :o

18th Apr 2006, 16:54
there should be a sign at the forum front page saying "you took the time to learn english, so don't apologize for any mistakes you may make."

anyway, here's how to unlock each cheat (pc version anyway)textureless mode: complete the game (no secrets needed)
show enemy health: bolivia time trial
unlimited smg ammo: peru time trial
unlimited assault rifle ammo: japan time trial
unlimited shotgun ammo: ghana time trial
unlimited grenade launcher ammo: kazakhstan time trial
bulletproof (doesn't take damage from ALL enemies, even bosses): england time trial
cheat 9: bolivia redux time trial
cheat 10: get 100%

cheats 9+10 = wield excalibur and soul reaver

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