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16th Apr 2006, 11:19
Gamespot hates Eidos. :mad: That`s a fact! I saw that Commandos Strike Force has 5.7 on gamespot.com. It`s one of the lowest rating I`ve seen. IGN gave Commandos 7.5 . Also, as you all know Legend got on Gamespot a modest 7.8 and on IGN it has 8.2 .

I bet HITMAN: BLOOD MONEY will have a poor rating on gamespot.

Too bad...


16th Apr 2006, 12:51
I have never cared for ratings in my entire life. :)

16th Apr 2006, 12:59
The Gamespot review of TR: Legend was a joke. The guy can't tell the difference between the framerate on the 360 version and the framerate on the xbox version.

Also no TR game ever got above 9.0 there. The first game was a classic, how the hell could it only get an 8.5?

16th Apr 2006, 20:20
Again different views and different likes and dislikes.

What you do is, get 5 sites who review games, take the scores for each, add em all and divide by 5, at least you have a median score to go by.

IGN base their reviews on how things look and how well it works, which in TRL is very nice.

Gamespot, add in replayability, time factors, etc. Which reflected in their score.

Remember people nobody is gonna score the same for 1 game on every site, its never gonna happen.

16th Apr 2006, 20:40
Again different views and different likes and dislikes.What you do is, get 5 sites who review games, take the scores for each, add em all and divide by 5, at least you have a median score to go by.
e.g. Metacritic :)

I just don't like the Gamespot review though. The framerate on the Xbox version was almost perfect, and when I played it on the X360 it was a complete joke. The review never really mentions this though, he just says there is a problem with the framerate in all versions. Many games reviewed on there have been quite a few pages long, yet a game like Tomb Raider only gets 1 page?

The whole thing seemed half assed to me.

16th Apr 2006, 20:49
That`s why GAMESPOT`s review is strange.

Click here:http://www.gamerankings.com/htmlpages2/920215.asp?q=tomb%20raider%20legend

See? Gamespot`s review quality has only 3 stars! (not 5!)

16th Apr 2006, 21:09
The day TR gets a good rating on Gamespot will be the day hell freezes over. They have a grudge.

16th Apr 2006, 21:10
who are these people anyway? :rolleyes:

16th Apr 2006, 21:30
I have never cared for ratings in my entire life. :)

THey help somewhat, but I dont let someone proffesional review get to me just because I love a certain game. You know how technical critic reviews can be.

16th Apr 2006, 22:36
Speaking of Gamespot, here are their reviews for some of Crystal Dynamics previous games...

Soul Reaver 2

Soul Reaver 2, as the saying goes, burns bright, but not as long as you'd like.

Soul Reaver

While it feels as if Crystal Dynamics set out to make a game that was not as difficult as the Tomb Raider series but not as simple as Metal Gear Solid, Soul Reaver does come off a bit on the easy side.

The platform-jumping sections aren't too tough, the puzzles not too complex, and the bosses fairly simple to beat.

It is an extremely solid game, however, that's as much of an experience as it is an adventure, and its warts (the difficulty level and an ending that's abrupt to the point of making Silent Hill's finale seem complete) are few. After beating it, you'll want to go back and get all the glyphs (even though you'll find few instances to use the powers they provide), and you'll learn that having picked them all up doesn't alter the ending. You'll still just want to play it a little more.

-_- It's Tomb Raider Legend.

Not that I'm complaining about the games...

I heard that the Legacy of Kain series played like TR: Legend. So I went out and bought a load of LoK/SR games despite the fact that I hated Soul Reaver on Dreamcast years ago. Surprisingly...it's pretty good. I like the games. :)

16th Apr 2006, 23:38
game stop does hate eidos even i watched on the spot and they seemed like they didnt care about it and that stupid girls all like make her die u can tell that bi*** is jelouse of lara:rolleyes:

17th Apr 2006, 07:39
I have never cared for ratings in my entire life. :)

Yes, but think about it. All this years, all this work... I`m sure Crystal Dynamics are not very happy to read such reviews, unfair and that aren`t true. Tomb Raider Legend is one of the best games of this year and the best TR game ever. We all know that but some of us won`t addmit, like gamespot.

17th Apr 2006, 09:09
Whenever you read something you have knowledge about, it is my experience that the writer is usually only getting it half right at best. And in game magazines it is the latest fashion to be sarcastic and talk everything down. (I noticed that with average people on forums as well)

Also I would not go as far as calling game reviewers professionals. They are just gamers like us who happen to get a job with a game magazine.

17th Apr 2006, 09:22
Being cynical about review sites I have found that whoever pays/sponsors them the most cash they will plug the review for it even if the game is a load of horse apples.

17th Apr 2006, 12:23
You are right, but reviewers can distroy a game (or a movie) no matter how good it is.... And some of the reviews are fake, I read a while ago an article about a movie called "fake reviews". So our opinion is the most important, not the reviewers.

David 070
17th Apr 2006, 12:57
its probablly one guy on gamespot doing the rating.who cares what one person thinks?

its kind of like the people on this forum that hate legend,its only a very small %,most thinks legends awesome!

17th Apr 2006, 13:11
At the end of the day it's what i enjoy that matters, not the reviewers. I don't give two hoots if they give TRL 1 out of 5; if i play and like the demo, i'm going to buy the game, simple as that.:thumbsup:

rinky dink
17th Apr 2006, 15:14
The sad truth is that even though some people don't care how gamespot reviews a game, its not good for the TR series when it gets a bad review on gamespot. The sales of the games is somewhat dependent on the review and if you want the TR series to keep on truckin then we need favorable reviews to make that happen. i actually read gamespot reviews and i'm somewhat surprised they did this to TR Legend and yes, it would seem gamespot has a thing against Eidos and this makes me very sad.

17th Apr 2006, 15:54
I wouldn't worry that much; it's No1 in the charts at the mo.

17th Apr 2006, 16:14
The Gamespot review is an unbiased and fair one as most of their reviews are.

Sometimes the truth hurts. Deal with it.

17th Apr 2006, 17:34
Gamespot`s review is the most unfair review I`ve seen for Tomb Raider Legend. It`s not based on facts, it`s a stupid review. All the previews were GOOD and made by a person, and the review wasn`t made by the same person, it was made by a different person that has nothing to do with the previews.

" Each version of the game suffers from occasional frame rate instability, though. It never gets unbearably slow, but it never quite runs as smoothly as it should." - LIE LIE LIE!

"The bad: The game is short and not very challenging; unstable frame rate; the camera is occasionally frustrating; weak gunplay."

Is that really "THE BAD" ? C`mon...

"It doesn't do anything new or different" - REALLY? :confused:

Anyway the full review: http://www.gamespot.com/xbox360/action/tombraidervii/review.html

Note that the PC review was not written yet... And why is that?

18th Apr 2006, 02:19
They hate eidos, so why did they not give FF7 and 8 on the PC bad scores, and the countless Championship Managers?

18th Apr 2006, 10:53
The PC version of TRL on gamespot also has 7.8:

It`s the same review :) :) :) (as Xbox and PS2)

Thumbs down for gamespot!!!

18th Apr 2006, 15:58
I have also noticed,they don't seem to like Eidos at all...someone asked while TR2 was rated unfairly by gamespot.I also note that they found favour with game produced by UBISOFT,SCI,and SQUARE-ENIX.

18th Apr 2006, 16:11
SQUARE PC games are published by Eidos though.

18th Apr 2006, 19:09
I have also noticed,they don't seem to like Eidos at all...someone asked while TR2 was rated unfairly by gamespot.I also note that they found favour with game produced by UBISOFT,SCI,and SQUARE-ENIX.

Gamespot HATES Eidos, and that`s a FACT!

But I don`t understand WHY....