View Full Version : trl review:luv it!!

16th Apr 2006, 04:12
When i first bought the game i already knew what to expect from it*full of action*and i was correct,the site of just lookng at the cover in the car i could already re-think what it has in stored for me and other fans when the set the disk inside the slide of their platform system.as i started in the first stage i just played around getting to learn the new controls it only toook a couple of minutes well not even minutes it took like 30 seconds to get to know them i looked at the graphics they were way better than any other tomb raider they had kinda tricky things they were easy to solve,but they were very fun.

I noticed that unlick tomb raider AOD u actually go into tombs and not the city but i can under stand why AOD went to the city and not tombs.west africa really suprised me with the things it had from the waterfall to the temple it was very beutiful even the way she gets wet for a couple of secs it was very very fun i beat the game in 9 hours 6 hours yesterday and 3 today and lemme tell u its worth the cash because its short but very rewarding.

laras mansion was very great it was just like the one on the movie!but hofully that on the next game u will be able to explore the (entire)house because yea it was very great but i really want to see wats behinf those wooden doors;) and i hope that u can go outside the mansion and let her ride her jeep :D maybe like around the neighborhood or somthin hehe.

well for people who have not gotten the game yet...be sure to get it*wink*

Llara flames!!