View Full Version : How old can your computer be?

15th Apr 2006, 22:24
My computer is 2 or three years old... i dont kno if it is powerful enough for this game... it was top of the line when i got it :rolleyes:

15th Apr 2006, 22:32
your pc specs would be nice now........

15th Apr 2006, 22:54
Your pc can be a three-million year old piece of fossilized rock, so long as it's got a big, phat cpu in it and plenty of graphics power. :D

16th Apr 2006, 00:25
You could try running this test to see if your machine will be able to run it: http://www.systemrequirementslab.com/referrer/eidos?registration_option_id=2524

One thing though is that even if your machine fails to meet the minimum requirements it is still possible that you might be able to run it. My laptop failed meeting even the minimum requirements as the video card does not support Pixel Shader and HW Transform and Lighting, but the game still runs smoothly anyways:):thumbsup:

16th Apr 2006, 00:44
Without the Next-Gen-Content the game should run smooth on most low to mid section systems. Your system specs would help tho.

16th Apr 2006, 00:54
hes gotta nice comp:D :p