View Full Version : stuck in King Arthur's Tomb, HELP

the nightrider
15th Apr 2006, 20:12
Help I am stuck in King Arthur's Tomb. near the begining. I think 53%. I can't seem to get the bridge down without falling. I have already read the walkthrough. I can swing to the bridge and it starts to drop but lara only grabs it with one hand and so she drops. I have down this a bunch of times. Is there a way to get her to grab it with both hands so I can jump back to the previous pull while the bridge drops. Help please! or can anybody post a game save just after the bridge. thanks.

15th Apr 2006, 20:21
when u swing onto bridge [bridge starts 2 come down jump back onto pole then jump over:thumbsup:

the nightrider
15th Apr 2006, 20:25
I know this already. That is not the problem. The problem is that lara only graps the bridge with one hand (the hand symbol pops up) and she then falls. I can not jump back when she only grabs with one hand, right? Am I jumping wrong, I have tried it many times. Is there a position on the pool I should be at (ex. middle, left, right??)? Or is it possible to jump back when she only grabs with one hand. Please help. I will be happy to send you my game save if it will help. Just let me know. thanks.

15th Apr 2006, 20:39
Just press the "E" (on PC) or the interact key when the yellow one hand symbol appears, this will make lara grip with two hands. Then jump back to the pole.

the nightrider
15th Apr 2006, 20:56
That did it. thanks. I did not know the E key did that. I geuss I should read the manual thats sitting next to me one of these days. But what fun would that be.