View Full Version : TRL replayed over 50hrs still loving it*spoilers*

15th Apr 2006, 18:06
So it seems a little short to some people? Many of whom herald TR3 as the best in the series, whcih was so bloody long, and meandering, it quickly got boring for many people (i liked it, but not as much as TR2+4). Now we have moved from the 96+ PSone style TR (yes i know that TR was PC first, but lets keep it as simple as possible) we have amazing, graphics, yes graphics are not everything in a game, heavens knows, i am not a graphics junkie, but they are amazing; even on PS2 they are amazing.

Gameplay is easily as addictive, as TR1, the sheer joy of exploring the enviroments, even envirmoments that might seem large, but are actually quite linear, (which is exactly how TR1's enviroments are, to anyone who has played it recently, without any fancy level editors) the first play through the not knowing what enimies if any you will find on any one level ort on any section of the level, like in Kazaksthan, the first half, is full of them, while the second, is slower less enimies. Nepal the sheer large, dangerous lonliness of it, even with zip and alistair on the headset. We even get given a reason, for zip and alistair being there, in both what occured, before in Paraiso (peru) and in an aside she says while Amanda is raiding the Mansion, "whats the use of modern science if one is still left tlaking to onesels" so obivously Lara like company, in a way while hopefully keepig her friernds safe, something she was unable to do in Paraiso.

A real grown up back story, not some silly teenage rebelion, which i was never impressed with, but a true, tragic, deep dark story, of a little girl, who sees her mother possibly dieing her father putting all his resources and efforts into finding her, while teaching lara as much as possible at her wish, and loosing the respect of his peers. And yet so many try to portray this as Lara being a mummy's and daddy's conforming little girl, get an imagination! Just imagine, going through all that, conforming????? derar dear.

The mansion, contains actual puzzles, depth, clues, graphics, gameplay, rewards. Only thing it lacks is aproper outside, whcih i'm positive will be rectified in TR8.

For CD's first TR game, TRL rocks the socks of any game since, TR2 and 4 for sheer adctive gameplay replay value. So it is or it can be alittle short, some of the best games are shortish, beyond good and evil, TR1, POP sands of time, abes odysee, TRL easily stand up against, some fo the better more inovative games of recent years, do not throw it away because you are happier with longer, more roleplaying style experience based games. surely, you can allow yourselves to enjoy it for what it is? heck a large part of why it feels well to short, is how adictive and good it is.

simply put TRL is amazing, gameplay is out of this world, graphics even for PS2 are to die for heck the PS2 graphics would embaress some of the dogier ports to 360. plot is simply grown up vast, breathtaking. the game is so replayable, its unreal. :) beccaxx