View Full Version : Stuck on level 1 at 12%

15th Apr 2006, 15:43
:) Hi all, just bought the game yesterday and i'm stuck at the bit where the floor collapses and the white arrow comes up everytime i try and go forward it cuts and she falls i've tried it many a time to go forward but lara keeps falling to her death, i've tried jumping and using the grapple also, can someone help, its holding me up and i'm dying to push forward.


15th Apr 2006, 16:04
OMG! Those arrorws are trying to tell you something.

These are called interactive cutscenes.

If the arrow points down, press down on the analog or keyboard. If it points up, press up. Note this is timed and you must be quick.

There are several of these interactive cutscenes throughout the game, so get used to it.