View Full Version : A book of the history?

15th Apr 2006, 14:59
This is the first game of Tomb Raider that i have played, but i liked it a lot. Before, i have played many games of Myst series and that games have 3 books supporting the history (filling gaps between the games and giving many details). I wonder if Eidos or Crystal or somebody could publish official books about Lara's background (adding the history of previous games if it's necessary). What do you think?

PS If it's possible, i prefer that those books have a solid history according with the last "changes" of TR Legend whose history is very coherent itself and thrilling

PS 2: The Myst's books tell full histories not little stories filling the entire book (giving tips for the TR books)

15th Apr 2006, 23:21
There actually are three published novels, but they follow the AOD scenario. Actually, they really don't relate much to the games, but there are a few tie-ins here and there.

I hope they publish and sell more, I liked the three of them.

There are also the two movie novelizations, which I also enjoyed. They could do game novelizations. :D

16th Apr 2006, 02:54
i enjoyed the second film, it's the only that i have seen, despite of everybody say that it's awful. I want to see more films or books with full stories like the film.

Note: Eidos, don't think about Uwe Bolt as Director, not now, not ever