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15th Apr 2006, 14:40
hi i am stuck in japan where you have to climb the pipes then jump from flagpoles that break off, can anyone tell me an easier way?

15th Apr 2006, 14:48
There's no easier way, just be, very very fast:thumbsup: good luck

15th Apr 2006, 14:52
Ok thnx

22nd Apr 2006, 16:17
Honestly, these people who always want the easy way out.

22nd Apr 2006, 17:49
yeah no other way just be fast. when you grab each pole, swing around only once and then let go and grab the next pole. that was the easiest way for me

23rd Apr 2006, 00:00
thats wot makes a game challenging.....ive noticed people have no patience with games n e more esp the younger generation....my cuz n his mates will have 1 or 2 attempts then say cant do it do it for me james lol so i say no n they turn it off:rolleyes:

23rd Apr 2006, 00:10
Also remember that the USE key will make you move faster when climbing.

23rd Apr 2006, 00:23
yup good point.....also very useful for timetrial mode......tap it when holding onto anything :D

25th Apr 2006, 14:53
Just do it, that's what I think. Don't think just go

25th Apr 2006, 14:57
Like others stated just use the E key and go as fast as you can then move from pole to pole the same way swinging only once. It might take a few times to get used to it but you will get there.