View Full Version : How does it works?

15th Apr 2006, 14:20
I have finished the game and i got the cheat "no textures mode" or something like that. But when i activate it (i know that it's activated because a bell sounds like the check point's bell) i can't realize what it changes. I tried it in the Croft's Mansion and replaying Bolivia but i can't see any difference.

15th Apr 2006, 18:34
I dunno what it could be ,,, the change is obvious ,,, the screen becomes something like gray ,,, is not so interesting so u're not losing too much :P but maybe you pushed other buttons and ... :confused: i don't no ,,, weird

15th Apr 2006, 19:12
No textures makes everything cream coloured. Remember just to press "1" once as it turns off and on. No textures = useless for gameplay.

15th Apr 2006, 19:35
Aah, ok, my teenager mind has tried to cheat me... :rolleyes: