View Full Version : TR Legend Sound Problame for me, too

15th Apr 2006, 07:38
I have a sound problame in TR lenegd like the other guys. Like the sound "crashes" or I don't know but it's terrible.
I have a PHILIPS ACOUSTIC EDGE (706) 5.1
Please somebody help!!!:confused: :(

22nd Apr 2006, 09:45
If someone finds a fix for this bug email me. kylestater@hotmail.com

5th May 2006, 04:40
Have you tried turning off the Hardware acceleration of the sound card. that how i fixed mine. It was so full of static i could hardly hear the game music. I have a Creative Sound Blaster 24 live 5.1 card. I work best to run dxdiag.exe an open the sound tad an move the slider all the way to the left, off position.