View Full Version : Crash and reboot

15th Apr 2006, 07:35
Hiya all,
Been playing Legend now for a few days. It occasionally just locks, makes a clicking sound and then I need to reset the PC to get out of it.

To resolve this I have tried :

Updating my soundblaster drivers. No change

I have a dual core AMD FX60, so I have done the set the core to single.
This does seem to help, but is a pain.

Im sure with such a new game, Eidos should have checked and tested for
dual cores, and the game should run better????

Quake 4 had a patch for dual core and now makes it an amazingly fast
game to play, smooooooth.

With my rig, I dont expext clitches with NEW games !!!



15th Apr 2006, 21:08
follow this thread link. myself and someone else have kinda started this type of crash thread.