View Full Version : Desktop Lara Technical Issue

Lady Nightshade
15th Apr 2006, 01:46
I downloaded the zip file and installed it. After downloaded two files, nothing seems to be happening. I'm a bit disappointed. However, I cannot find a uninstall or find it listed under Control Panel and Add/Remove Programs.

Is there a way to safely delete this progam and its associated files safely from my computer.

15th Apr 2006, 21:49
You wouldn't find the program listed under Add/Remove Programs. However, you can uninstall the program by visiting the program folder (default: C:/Program Files/DesktopLara) and by opening the 'setup' application. It will appear that you are installing the program again, but after you click on OK, you will have the options of updating Desktop Lara or removing (uninstalling) the program.

The program didn't work for me either. I also unzipped the file and saw an MS-DOS window disappear after a second :mad: but this is how I uninstalled it. I hope that helps!

Lady Nightshade
16th Apr 2006, 22:41
Thanks for the location. However, I'm still disappointed. When I selected Uninstall from the menu choice, I noticed it didn't removed the folder. Therefore, I'm thinking it wasn't a clean uninstall. If I manually delete this folder, I wonder if there are any more files hidden else where that I'm not aware of (similiar to spyware I suppose). Any ideas?

17th Apr 2006, 03:35
Try clicking on DesktopLara.exe and cancel the update that comes up. This will give you Lara on your desktop but no updates.