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14th Apr 2006, 18:35
Ok folks I have been playing this damn Boss for three days now (on and off) and I can't kill him (I assume I have to?).

I'm playing the PC version on 'medium' and Lara walks into this circular room with 4 canons and 4 statues with a walkway around the room about halfway up.

I have read all the help sections in the forum and I have tried them all.
As soon as the cut scene starts I use the ‘skip’ function from the menu to bypass it.
Lara then appears in the middle of the room and by the time I reach the statue she had already lost most of her first ‘life’.

The Boss then starts to fire at me at roughly 1 blast every 1.5 seconds until he goes out of sight behind a statue (is this the normal fire rate for the Boss?).
I climb up the pole and jump onto the walkway, I ‘nudge’ Lara out far enough to get a target on the guy but the reticule never turns red. It only turns red if he is just one stature away, by which time he has a bead on Lara and in 5 blasts she is dead.

I have tried running, running and jumping, and running, jumping and twirling all while firing, all to no avail. The best time was when I managed to lob two grenades over the statue and blast him (this was more luck than judgement as most times they bounce off invisible walls and land below).

So, why can’t I get a lock on him? Why is his fire rate so damn fast and just how does a PC user kill the guy?

14th Apr 2006, 18:56
Strange. I don't think there is any boss in Peru. Maybe you mean Japan?

If you're talking about the Japan boss (Takamoto) - he's a bit hard, yap. At first I tried standing behind the statues while he's shooting at me but that's a bit tricky and is way too slow, boring and uneffective (and the time gap he leaves is too short to aim at him properly with the pistols). So a better alternative is to dodge the green bolts (jump over the lower ones, roll under the higher ones, roll sideways for the blast wave) and fire non-stop. If you manage to lob some grenades at him they'll take about 1/3 oh his health - though it takes some practice to do - he moves quite fast and you have to get quite close to do it succesfuly.

14th Apr 2006, 19:20
Yes, sorry I did mean Japan :thumbsup:

Just goes to show how frustrated I've become.

The trouble I'm having is on the PC the controls change when she gets a lock and she often just runs over the edge of the walkway. Then you have to jump back up and get a lock again.

I can only find two ways of getting a lock;
1. turn to face him and hit the fire button, the red graticle will appear and she will lock on.

2. use manual targeting and aim the graticle at him, problem is it never turns red only white or grey.

The 'Lock/Unlock' target button 'G' never seems to do anything, do you know how this is supposed to work.

Thanks for your help.

Scott =]!
14th Apr 2006, 19:22
(oh srry caps lol) but try standing behind the stones so he cant hit you but (on hard maybe on medium i dunno) the bolts sometimes come through so jump out (with guns already out) shot him run to edge behind the stone so she falls off but grabs then when he stops hitting you jump up and do it again. Sometimes he will run round towards you a bit so just run to the next one and keep doing it.

I found this boss very very very boring because you do the same thing over and over again and he has a lot of health i would say 5 and half times more than Lara on hard

also that problem with lara run toward the enemy when her gun are out is probubly cos you have the "Advanded something" on. to turn it off just go to

Options, Cantrols, Combat mode, then click on it and change it to stadard something (i use standard-mouse mode:) )

14th Apr 2006, 19:33
so jump out (with guns already out)

Thats the one thing I can't do, I wish I could, the only way i can get lara to draw her guns is to hit the fire button (waste of ammo when using the rifle) or by using manual targeting.

I found this boss very very very boring because you do the same thing over and over again and he has a lot of health i would say 5 and half times more than Lara on hard

I know what you mean, this is really spoiling the game for me and I had such high hopes when I saw the graphics and the demo.

BTW I am using just the standard settings for combat more.

Scott =]!
14th Apr 2006, 19:46
try holding down G to take your wepons out (or watever button you use for the take your guns out/target thing) press the sidejump buttons and just shoot
the do wat i said (i dont no what is wrong with the running forward thing but i have a problem with the outfit changing thing so TRL obviusly has a few bugs

15th Apr 2006, 11:14
Hi everyone.

Thanks for all your help but the problem was not me but the game :o .

I had already started the game and was working through the 1st level when I downloaded and installed the 1.1 patch. It seems when I restarted the game something screwed up :confused: .

When Lara walked up the steps to the Temple there were 2 guards that run off and get mangled. This did not happen. Also the spinning manglers were stopped. I thought nothing of it and just carried on.

Last night I started the game from scratch again and lo and behold everything now works including the 'G' key which allows her to draw her guns without firing and lock on to a target.

Thanks again for the input.

So here we go again and lets hope I can get to the end of Japan :D .

15th Apr 2006, 14:08
I was really struggling with the Tokyo boss too. Trying to hide behind the statues might be a safe way, but it takes forever and sometimes he will hit her even when she stands behind them.

I found the easiest way was to simply follow him around the arena while shooting(do not get so close that he can knock her over though). I'm using the PC too and I found that using the right mouse button for jumping and the left for shooting worked wonders:thumbsup: Dodging his attacks is quite easy too, simply roll under the high wave of bolts and jump over the low one. As long as you dodge the fire you can follow him around firing non-stop and it will drain his health a lot quicker.

Oh, and even though the reticule remains grey he will still take a tiny bit of damage(although not as much as if it's red). The closer you get to him the quicker you'll be able to finish him off:D