View Full Version : Annoying hiccups ingame.

14th Apr 2006, 18:28

Iv read a few topics who seem to have somewhat the same problems but where their problem seem to be in the menu mine is ingame.

When i boot up TRL and start a game it will run fine the first 10-15 min but then Lara Croft will come to a halt, you cant move her in any direction at all, you can shoot but not move. This will go on for about 10 seconds and then your able to move again a few feets and it happens all over again.

At the moment im only on one the first mission, Bolvia (typo?).

Anyone know what could cause this? I do got my gfx and sound drivers updated.

Also i got no gamepad installed, i only use keyboard + mouse.


P.s i bought the game through www.direct2drive.com, so im not sure if i got the european or u.s version of TRL and if it has any meaning.