View Full Version : is anybody else doing this??

14th Apr 2006, 18:15
i am so used to the other TR's that when i jump or am holding on to a ledge, that i am keeping my button pressed down with my thumb really hard, and then i realize oh yea i dont need to do that.. i am so used to having to keep it held all the time or you will drop. it is hard to train my brain the new way and save my thumb as well..

14th Apr 2006, 19:51
I kept doing that to begin with and now and again later on in the game lol. :D

14th Apr 2006, 20:36
Well everybody else seems to prefere the controls that give you sore thumbs.

14th Apr 2006, 20:44
hi, i did at first on the demo, but had played it enough to have broken the habit by the time i got my paws on the full game :)