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14th Apr 2006, 16:13
I noticed a thread saying that there is a problem with Wireless logitech keyboards is this the same for Microsoft Wireless keyboards as i am experiencing the same problem Lara keeps running around unable to stop her.
The demo worked fine though. Whats going on Just payed £30 for this game.
How exactly do i fix this will I have to go out and buy a new keyboard?
Please help.
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14th Apr 2006, 16:53
Maybe the 1.1 patch will do.


14th Apr 2006, 17:08
I have both, MS and Logitech wireless (two diff PCs of course)...no issues here. US version

14th Apr 2006, 18:09
Thanks for the replies.
But i have just dug out old Kboard & Mouse (Wired) and noticed that it was still happening so i went to Task Manager and ENDED the two process that were controling Microsoft mouse and Kboard then i checked the TRL.exe process and noticed that the priority was indeed on HIGH priority so i turned it down to NORMAL (as sugested in other peoples threads on this issue) and it WORKED ok. So i think someone needs to resolve this issue either edios or microsoft. I am running the latest patch. I will try my wirless Kbrd&mouse again and check the process in task manager again maybe tinker aruond in services.msc see what i can find. If i end the two processes that are controling the wirless kbrd&mouse they might not work at all? Any thoughts out there? Be gratful for any help my old keyboard sucks...