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tomb raider babe
14th Apr 2006, 16:00
:rolleyes: I just got to the room with all the tecnical you find with bonoculars:rolleyes: . :confused: what do you do from there? how do you set it up.:confused:

14th Apr 2006, 16:09
you mean the room with the closed doors and the mechanical pads on the floor?

Its simple really. There is a crate nearby, pull it onto one of the mechanical pads on the floor. Now jump down into the lower area (beware there is a wild cat down there in the full version) On the right side of the room there is another crate. Drag it around to the left side (opposite side of the room) to were there appears to be a rocky ledge with another crate under it. Pull that crate out from under the rocky ledge and the ledge drops down. Now push one of the crates onto the ledge, then climb back up to were the entrance door was with the pads. Run down the "runway" like section to the end facing the exit door, turn left at the end and jump onto the rocky ledge the crate is on. This will spring the crate up into the air and onto the same area the mechanical pads are. Repeat with the second crate.

Put both crates onto the pads (one per pad) and the way forward will open.

tomb raider babe
14th Apr 2006, 18:27
Thank you so much for the help. Tecnical stuff messes me up sometimes.