View Full Version : How do i kill the Amanda dragon in bolivia ?

14th Apr 2006, 14:27
I dont have a great deal of medipacs so can someone please tell me the easiest way to dispose of Amanda / Dragon in Bolivia.:confused:

14th Apr 2006, 14:45
are you sure you meant the amanda dragon on bolivia or did you want to say amandas dark spirit in kazakhistan?

14th Apr 2006, 14:58
Oh, i don't think You really need some medipacks, just jump left an right to avoid the attack and then catch your time to kill her(it?) while she falls.

14th Apr 2006, 15:20
how do i kill amandas dark spirit in kazakhistan? i'm sure the answer is easy, but everytime i'm going to kill him...he vanishes..what can i do?!

14th Apr 2006, 15:45
Bolivia Redux, when Amanda turns into the black thing, go options and change ur combat mode to advanced toggle mode. This will keep u locked onto Amanda no matter wot, as long as u can see her basically. Also stick close to her rather than far away as it is more effective. She may hit u a few times but just keep pressing forward and fire your beam of green towards her and shud be over in no time. You will need do roll around quite alot to dodge her attacks too. Remember, options, Combat mode change to Advanced Toggle as this is the most important!

Also in Kazakhstan, just keep rolling and diving until u reach all of the switches at the sides of the arena, pull them all, sit in the chair in the middle, fire ur magnetic beams twice at each of the big tesla spheres until there is like an electric wall around u completely (doesn't protect u from the monster) get off ur lazy ass chair and fire ur grapple at the little sword fragment just above the gun where u were sat. Easy as that.;)

20th Jul 2006, 06:48
how do you stop amanda regenerating? I hit the button but she comes back recharged.

20th Jul 2006, 07:26
In Bolivia she will do you just have to do the same thing about 4 times.

20th Jul 2006, 08:34
how do i kill amandas dark spirit in kazakhistan? i'm sure the answer is easy, but everytime i'm going to kill him...he vanishes..what can i do?!
You do not kill Amanda's pet in Kazakhstan, you are meant to be pulling the switches and using the Teslar gun to get the sword fragment, just zap the creature till he vanishes, then quickly put all the spheres up

Mangar The Dark
20th Jul 2006, 12:50
I was having a LOT of trouble with the Amanda thing in Bolivia Redux, but after switching to Advanced Toggle mode, it was extremely easy (I don't think I needed ANY medpacs.) So, yeah, for anyone having trouble with it, just switch to advanced toggle mode, then keep firing your sword at it. When it goes go, run to it and "use" it, then repeat. After about three or four times, you win.

As for the Amanda thin in Kazakstan-- it was a little tougher, but still not too bad. Just run around flipping all the switches first (I found it helps to jump around, rather than run, actually-- it makes it harder for the thing to hit you.) After you flip all the switches, you'll see a cutscene. Then run (or jump) to the Tesla gun and use it. Just ignore the demon thing, and fire at the tesla balls until they're all pushed out. This will cause the sword fragment to become exposed. Use your grapple to grab it. That's it. Don't bother wasting your time trying to attack the demon thing. If you work quickly with the tesla balls, the demon won't damage you.