View Full Version : Crash with gamepad and Vibration on

14th Apr 2006, 08:36
Hi All,

I'm having a problem with my gamepad vibration turned on, after a while the game will crash (half back to desktop, mouse pointer but no desktop) with the gamepad vibrating, this only happens in a scene where there is a lot of gun fire or explosions.

If I turn vibration off the game will run for hours with no problems.

Anybody else getting this problem?

I have a PS2 controller using a Mayflash PS2 to USB converter.


14th Apr 2006, 14:58
I am using the ps2 to USB convertor sold by play.com http://www.play.com/play247.asp?pa=stts7&page=title&r=PC&title=114167

and I am getting exactly the same problem; the game completely freezes when too many vibrations happen.

Found that a lot of the time if I unplugged the USB cable and plugged it back in then the game would continue but I could get no response from the joypad unless I went into the menu and disabled and enabled it again, but found this was only a temp fix because as soon as it started vibrating a lot again the game would freeze again.

A couple of times it completely locked up my PC and I had to press the reset button.

If I disable the vibration option in the menu then the game would play without any problems. I am enjoying playing the game without a rumbling joypad but it would good if this bug was fixed so that I could enjoy the whole experience.

14th Apr 2006, 23:01
Well I’m kind of glad it wasn’t just me.

I’ve just completed the game and have played all the levels twice except England and the mansion.

Great game, trying to get 100%, I’m on 98% at the moment.

Would like to play the game with Vibration on but still enjoyed the game nonetheless.


15th Apr 2006, 06:18
Is anybody with a Logitech Rumblepad getting the same problem?