View Full Version : Help w/Japan boss

14th Apr 2006, 03:25
Any hints on how to defeat the Japan boss? He keeps kicking my a**.

14th Apr 2006, 03:46
I found it rather easy just to get up on his level and shoot him from across the room, using the objects as cover. When he moves then you move, just make sure to run and roll to the next 'safe' spot...

14th Apr 2006, 07:34
i thought top floor was facing the boss who fly up to platform and get him healed from time to time

to defeat the ghana boss, you need to Q the platform and E then down to force the boss go nowhere but get shoot

14th Apr 2006, 07:50
i found it easy to kill this boss boy climbing onto the same level as him (to avoid the monted machine guns) then keep running round the top of the level with your gun locked on. if you have the rifle as opposed to her pistols selected gives you a better range also making it easier. occasional jumping or rolling under his attack is also a good option :p

14th Apr 2006, 11:43
what i did on this one is keep tapping O so lara does all the spins and his attack hardly hits you then. when you get next to him unleash the bullets before he runs away. do this about 3-4 more times and enjoy the cut-scene!

17th Apr 2006, 11:35
it sure took me awhile to kill him, he was hard....but keep at it, you'll get it

17th Apr 2006, 12:11
i only beat him because the game messed up and he got in stuck mid air!

Mark H
18th Apr 2006, 17:26
i got frustrated also, but this is how i beat him:

At first i stood completely opposite of him on top level....and stood behind a statue..........i would walk into the open...(gun locks onto him with grey "X")......fire shots......he throws green flare...i run behind statue for protection.......when he runs to another spot, i then run to make sure im opposite of him at all times......i repeat the process....

I got about a 1/4 of his life off...........then one time i run out into open to shoot...i ran to the right side of the statue.....and he was on other side on the left side of his statue......and he just stood there...didnt throw anything...hr just stood there.........so i unloaded on him with my pistols and beat him........

I think what happened was when i ran to the right and began shooting i was so close to the side of the statue i was shooting the statue and the enemy.......my xbox probably had me registered as being behind the statue maybe???.....its like every 3rd shot hit him...the first few shots pieces of the statue i was standing by had chips flying off it........i guess i got it into the exact right spot

anyway..i unloaded on him and beat it..............i came across this "glitch" on like my 20th try