View Full Version : Believe me: Tomb Raider Legend is worth the $$$.

14th Apr 2006, 02:04
Amidst the terrible and often misguided hate threads for Legend, I thought I'd finally speak some truth on these boards and shine a bright light at the end of the tunnel, for those still waiting to play Legend on their platform of choice.

Today..after receiving my paycheck and getting some time to go to my local Walmart, I finally bought Legend and had a chance to sit down and really enjoy the game by myself. One of the biggest things I realized before even getting in control of miss Croft, is just how involved the story is compared to previous Tomb Raiders. While most have been more than inconsiderate in revealing large plot details, I will state that from what I've played so far..the majority of the game is deeply centered around events that unfolded through Lara's past. The voice acting is impeccable (I personally think Keeley is the best Lara yet) and the fact that the game is so well scripted only makes it better. There was some worry before the game's release that Lara's new voice actress wouldn't do a great job, but personally..I think she's very much Lara Croft.

Oddly enough, the incessant headset chatter you heard in the demo videos..doesn't exist in the final game. I'm not sure if it's because I'm on hard mode, but barely any hints from Zip/Alister or Winston have come through to help me. Infact, the only time Zip ever really talks to me is during the motorcycle sequence (which isn't as bad as magazines label it as) and during the beginning of the level when Lara is discussing what her goals are for that current location.

Currently I'm right past the flashback level,I've been playing for two and a half hours, and I'm not even doing that well finding the secrets. Perhaps I'm not that good of a gamer but the fact I didn't get some silvers and golds, and already took an hour and 30 mins on the first level just exploring..perhaps the game isn't really as short as these people want you to believe.

Infact, the fact I can only play for two hours without my eyes straining and the fact I've taken 2 1/2 hours just to get halfway/one third through the second level makes me believe that I'll probably take more than 10 hours to finish the final game. So if you want my answers as to whether the game is short, it really depends on how you play it. Personally, I'm still a little disoriented with the new controls (its not that they're hard..but just such a change) but I'm enjoying every minute of the game.

The graphics are amazing for PS2, the story is deep and the manor is very satisfying. I don't regret spending 50.00 on this game and I can't wait till I complete it so I can discuss the game with the legend lovers and happily wait for TR8.

14th Apr 2006, 02:47
The flaws in Legend are like the flaws in most video games and way more bearable than AOD's flaws.

Right now I'm in the obstacle room just crazy over how agile Lara is now with all the flipping and rolling, yeah I miss the step to the left, step to the right put your right foot in and shake it all about Lara because that made my life easy and I didn't have to think plus I suck at agility and all, but honestly this is one of the most fluid games I have EVER played and I loved the original fluidness of TR which drew me to the game in the first place. This EASILY tops that. Lara moves like a real gymnast! I'm liking the challenges. I don;t care about the combat because I don't consider TR a combat game, if I wanted a military commando type game that's what I would buy. For what I like, a RPG, with fluidity, and beauty, and an interesting story....

:thumbsup: And it will take me some time too to get through it so I am not at all happy. Guess it is good to be an old fogey and not be so used to growing up in the video game era that my fingers are permanently shaped to the form of a controller and I have a job so I can actually put the game down and do something else with my life!

It's not perfect....hello, what is? Definitely better than most games out there!!! selling for the same price....and I know someboy has bought that crap too.....

14th Apr 2006, 02:55
With Toby Gard on board as consultant, I doubt there could be any giant missteps, and I have always been confident that Legend would be an awsome return to TR...

sounds strange, but I do suspect some of the major Legend bashers on here are actually former Core developers who want to destroy the new game's reputation the same way people ranted against AOD from day 1 (and continue to hate on aod). Though I can't truly blame them, it must have been terrible to spend three years planning/designing a game only for people to hate it, BUT Legend kicks ***!!!! :D

And no number of hate threads on this forum will make Legend - already #1 in several countries - suddenly become another AOD. Because Legend really does kick ***!!!! :thumbsup: Crystal D has won/ earned a great legion of fans :cool:

14th Apr 2006, 14:37
Just a quick comment on what you said about the voice acting. It was near impeccable except for Lara's mother at the start...Made me cringe a bit.

BUT you're dead on about the new Lara voice actress, especially right at the end of the game, her voice sent shivers down my spine! Awesomeness.

14th Apr 2006, 15:01
:thumbsup: Crystal D has won/ earned a great legion of fans :cool:

I'm realy happy Crystal Dynamics did well with TR...CD are my favorite!
I'm sad that Legacy of Kain series were not appreciate properly from many people :( ..... Legacy of Kain is a Masterpiece!!
I just whant to ask you TR fans to give a try to the LoK series...even that they are old now...CD & LoK deserve it!and they are cheap now :)

Cyber Mantis
14th Apr 2006, 15:11
I just finished TRL and have to agree with the people its short. I read all the threads from the Europeans in advanced of the American release about it being short, so when I got the game in the US I took my time with the levels enjoyed them and got as many secrets as I could find.

Using no guide it took me 9:36 min (game time) with 92%.

Great game though albiet short IMO for a TR game. If it was longer and had more diverse enemies (more animals) It would have been near perfect in my book.

14th Apr 2006, 16:24
Well you all must be experts because, on hard mode..with little to no help from Allistair and Zip, I'm only at the Japan boss and I'm already 5:30 in.

At this rate I'm looking at far more than 9 hours of gameplay.

14th Apr 2006, 17:04
I bet if all you do is play games and you are young and flexible and not stressed from your job this game is a breeze. If you are like me, older, not used to the new flexibility of controlling games (I can't get through Bond games!), and all this game is somewhat challenging. I die at least once with these dang jumps. I only really play TR and FF. Most games I try that are RPG the controls are what sticks me. I just can't get used to playing with 6 buttons at one time! Sue me I'm old.

But I'm enjoying me game and it'll last me longer!!