View Full Version : Minor worry here...HELP!!

13th Apr 2006, 21:15
Okay. Since I've read the latest news posted on the site now, I'm worried 'cause I'm not gettin' my game 'til May 16th/18th/23rd.
...because you want to make sure you get your copy of Tom Raider: Legend now, before it sells out!

AIYA does this mean like it won't be in stores for a few months once completlely sold out:eek: or something:eek: !?!?!? it go GREATEST HITS right away:D /:eek: and how long does it normally take for games to go GREATEST HITS (beside selling the required amount, once it reaches that number of copies, does it go GREATEST HITS right away?!?!)

I'm worried now it won't be in shelves by the sound of that news...cuz I'm gettin' this game at May....

13th Apr 2006, 21:19
...There just saying loads of people will buy it, thus being out of stock.

How did you get to the conclusion there gonna withdraw it after a month?

That's silly talk.

14th Apr 2006, 02:31
Good good :D well whoever feels free to throw in their say, I'm willin' to hear:D

14th Apr 2006, 07:19
the fact that core design are only making 35,127 copies of this game worldwide. therefore you better buy your copy before it sells out. :eek:

14th Apr 2006, 09:43
the fact that core design are only making 35,127 copies of this game worldwide. therefore you better buy your copy before it sells out. :eek:

i shall agree if that's the number for NDS, 30000 should be the sell of one state in America.:eek:

14th Apr 2006, 16:44
u guys said CDesiGn....wat about CD!?!?...o man...if it all sells out, wat happens then?! (please tell me all the possible outcoMes! like when it'll go GREATEST HITS & stuff...)

14th Apr 2006, 16:49
u kno tAlKinG liKe thz <--- That is very annoying.

15th Apr 2006, 01:19
ah my bad:D you see, my family (mom/dad and younger/older bro) happened to be in great use of the computer today and 'cause I really want to see the replies to this thread, I had to use the PSP to browse the net, check my Gmail and yeah. With it's own keyboard feauture, I had to type slang, breakin' grammar rules a bit to type faster because it would've taken sooooooo long. Sorry:D

15th Apr 2006, 15:30
I ordered my copy from ebay a couple months ago. Received my copy about the time it was released in UK. I was so happy to be one of the first americans to play. Heck, I beat it before it was released in the US. :D

Anyway, my point is, if it does sell out, try ebay. Ebay usually has everything... you can still get GTA:SA ver1(Hot Coffee anyone?)... errr, for about a hundred bucks! :eek:

15th Apr 2006, 16:53
yeah I eBay:D but wouldn't the price normally be more expensive 'cause of the auction bids and shipping and handling:confused: OR currency exchange:confused: (most of them are from the US while I live in Canada...S&H may be more expensive for me:( )