View Full Version : New NVIDIA 84.43 drivers solved my issues!

13th Apr 2006, 20:44
New drivers available on the Nvidia FTP site. Solved all my issues with lockups, artifacts on the video.
Now running Vertical Sync YES
Antialiasing 8X
All other settings on medium
Resolution 1280 x 1240

No glitches. Smooth as silk. No longer need to set affinity for dual AMD processing.
Go here for the drivers


I loaded the International version as I am in the UK.

My machine is:-
Dual AMD 64 Athlon 4800
Dual Nvidia Geforce SLI 7800 GX
4Gig Memory
Loads of disk
Soundblaster XFI

Good luck

PS. I have loaded the V1.2 patch from Eidos

16th Apr 2006, 02:06
Hi. I note you say you are in the UK and therefore downloaded the International version of the driver. Actually, you're OK to install the English(US) version as the International version is there for people who don't speak English.

20th Apr 2006, 18:07
well I have the driver (that beta one), latest game patch, latest AMD fx-60 dual core patch (last year's date for some reason) and XP up to the lastest update and still getting kicked out etc

nothing decent yet from nvidia.

24th Apr 2006, 09:50
HOTLINE? lol what a laugh. 1 working week. Should be called Eidos Coldline


Your question was send to our hotline.

We will send you a mail confirmation of this operation.

Thank you for using our online helpline, please allow a working week for the answer.

If you require further help after our answer please contact :

Customer Service helpline on 0870 9000 222

or write to us at :

Wimbledon Bridge House,
1 Hartfield Road,
SW19 3RU,

25th May 2006, 11:20
still no response from their support.

tis a joke