View Full Version : Wireless Keyboard Issues

13th Apr 2006, 20:32
This game doesn't work with my Logitech LX300 wireless keyboard. All of my other applications and games work fine with the keyboard, including the Tombraider Legend demo when I played it. I got the full version today....unistalled the demo and installed the full version. When I start a new game and tried to move forward, Lara starts running around the screen like a crazy person and I am not able to control her. If I unplug the wireless keyboard and use the built in keyboard (running on a laptop), the game runs fine. I have this laptop integrated into my home entertainment system so without the wireless keyboard i'm stuck sitting next to the television (talk about front row). Any ideas?

13th Apr 2006, 20:40
Look for other threads here which talk about using the Task Manager to set the priority for TRL.exe to Normal. That will most likely fix it.

14th Apr 2006, 01:44
That fixed my problem, thank you.

2nd Jun 2006, 09:02
Closing your Setpoint software should also solve the problem. It worked for me :)