View Full Version : Bookcase puzzle bugged ***possible spoilers***

Lara Croft002
13th Apr 2006, 20:29
I've just found my first, and possibly most annoying bug EVER. I was playing through the game, and got to the Africa level. At this point I chose to leave the main game and explore the mansion. After spending some considerable time here I got my guns and grappling reel, and attempted the Book Case puzzle in the library.

Now here's my problem. When I moved the second bookcase on to the second pressure pad, the video ran, showing the hidden door open. After the video I went to where the open door should be, but its not open anymore...so I tried leaving the room, to see if it might reset the doors' position, but nope...still closed, so now I'm totally unable to continue the Croft Manor level all because this stupid bug....please tell me there's a fix for this, I dont wanna have to start over from scratch just so I can get 100% As for why I didnt save regular, I thought the "checkpoints" were autosaves, much to my newfound despair... :(