View Full Version : What's up with the water?

13th Apr 2006, 10:47

I've noticed some problems with the water lately. I've had the game for a few days, installed the patch and all, but I noticed the water in normal mode has no texture.


Though from underwater you can see waves. It's just like you're hovering now. I can't tell if there's water or not. Same everywhere else in the game. First time I noticed was in the mansion when I thought the pool was empty and was like WTF. When I enabled next-gen I saw the reflections. However I distincly remember big waves in next-gen mode. I had them before in Bolivia, when I first tested it out. But they don't appear there anymore either. Sometimes when I flip on next-gen it's like they show up for 1 second and then disappear. So it's essentially the same but with refraction and reflection.

I've noticed this after I applied the patch, but I'm not sure it's related to it. I reinstalled yesterday but there's no difference. Drivers didn't fix it either. So...help?

13th Apr 2006, 11:05
I believe this is some sort of driver bug. I've heard people report this happening with some driver versions, but not with others. (And newer was not necessarily better).

13th Apr 2006, 17:07
Yeah, this has happened to me too...:(

13th Apr 2006, 17:12
What version of the game do you have?
If you have an Nvidia card, what driver version do you have?

13th Apr 2006, 17:15
I've installed the 1.1 game patch and have the latest nvidia driver (the 84.43 one with SLI support - whatever that is..lol).

When I first downloaded the demo when it came out, the reflections worked fine, but since installing the full game, they're just not there. Apart from that, the game plays like a dream..

13th Apr 2006, 19:49
Same here, although I run 84.25. I've had 84.43, but they didn't improve next-gen, slowed down the normal mode, and didn't fix the water.

13th Apr 2006, 22:16
I tried the old 81.95 drivers and it worked...

See, I now have reflections:


Thanks, Jurjen. Seems a bit daft, though, having to go back to older drivers to make it work... :confused:


I got the old driver from here:


14th Apr 2006, 09:56
That's cool.:) I hope Nvidia fixes it in the next update, then I'll swap drivers. My current ones have some pretty important fixes for Oblivion, so...