View Full Version : On The Right Path!

12th Apr 2006, 20:17
I really believe that Crystal Dynamics is headed in the right direction. The game has a few flaws, but it is very enjoyable and completely beautiful. I really hope people will try to be more positive and let these guys know that they are on the right path. I really don't want to see another developer take over the project or see the series die out. CD did a wonderful job for their first TR release.

If you really didn't like the game, that's fine. Instead of getting angry and posting hateful comments, try some constructive criticism. :eek: What?

I love this game, although I think it is too short. I hope that the next will be alot longer. I think there should have been a tutorial level instead of having to deal with the pop-ups througout the entire game. The binoculars are cool, but the RAD makes things too easy. Personally, I never use the RAD. I miss collecting artifacts to unlock doors and new areas. I didn't like using the analog stick to gas and brake my bike. I would have prefered to use buttons. I love Lara's new combo moves, but liked it better when left was Lara's left and not mine. I love this game! I am currently in the final battle and I wish that witch would stay down for two more seconds! :p

12th Apr 2006, 20:24
I absolutely agree. CD is on a good path, even though they are not quite there were we want them. However they should know that we will think twice about buying another game thatis finished within 10 hours. I say give them time to develop a second game, and if they take some of our critizism to heart, it might turn out really great.