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12th Apr 2006, 17:32
I played in normal difficult and gained 5110 points and got only 4 stars :(
I pass all primary objectives:

ALARM WARNING: Alarm must not be raised
INFILTRATE: Eliminate soldiers on the harbor (4/4 eliminated)
POSITION SNIPER" Make way to top of tower
SABOTAGE: Disable explosive on side of bridge
CALL O'BRIEN: Gain contril of the radio
RESCUE SPY: Clear comms station of enemies
OFFICER ESCAPING: Do not allow the Nazi officer to escape!]

Any Secondary objectives in this mission ? or to get 5 star in this mission i must play on hard difficult ?


12th Apr 2006, 18:10
Hmm I thought aside from completing the objectives, the more you kill the more stars you get.

12th Apr 2006, 19:21
I played it on hard and I strangled or knifed everybody, (if you donĀ“t take the end when you use the green beret

12th Apr 2006, 20:51
As they say. You just have to kill everybody with silent kill and when that doesent work do headshot.. its not harder to play this map on hard.

12th Apr 2006, 21:00
at this moment i have finished this mission on hard when i got 5656 points i have 5 gold stars. My score in this mission 8735 and 5 stars ;D .

Waffen SS
13th Apr 2006, 05:53
There is one objective remaining for you to do:

Kill Nazi Officer. (before calling O'Brian):rolleyes: