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12th Apr 2006, 10:36
I´am Sorry , I´am New In This Forum, And I Need Help, I Have Sarted To Play Tomb Raider-legend, And I´am Stuck, On Security Room On The Takamoto Building, I Have Killed All The Guards, And I Pull The Panel To Me, But Now What, I Jump, I Fired, I Already Do All Things, But I Stuck, Somebody Can Help Me

12th Apr 2006, 10:38
Enter "free aim" mode and shoot the two silver hooks holding the screen up. (one on each side) Then grapple the "T" in the middle of the screen and pull

12th Apr 2006, 10:41

expore room, in boxes, and cupboards for rewards, theres some bronze and one or 2 silver in there. Then jump up onto the platform you pulled down, and go through the doors, to an outside climbing bit. when you get to takamotos, room, where, he is hiding behind some glass, kill all guards, use dragon, to break glass, by grpplaeing and pulling, use set of drawers under now smashed window, to climb up, ignore elevator for now, go to room takamoto was in, and see a red decporative box, pull it round to the smashed window drop it out and pick up gold reward. then pick up any ammo med packs you need, and go to elevator


12th Apr 2006, 10:44
Thank You Very Much, I Will Try Let´s See Now If I Can Do It, Thnak You Very Much