View Full Version : Earlier content missing from Legend? *possible spoiler*

12th Apr 2006, 03:09
Has anyone noticed that earlier content was no longer in Legend! :confused: I noticed that the statue room was removed or chagned along with a lot of things seen in the first trailer? That three armed statue in the icy warehouse like location was a great design, shame it was taken out!:( Like the misty location full of trees & rivers . Also the dial puzzle seen at the end of trailer two?

I've completed Legend now a few times unlocking everything.:jmp: It looked beautiful & was wonderfull & fun to play! :D Only negative I feel was that it was too short! Shame about the missing content, could of been used for a few more extra levels.;)




12th Apr 2006, 06:08
In my experience, things in the intro trailers are never in the finished games.

12th Apr 2006, 07:08
i think it's quite normal, no film wouldn't be cut before showing, the TRL is just three words for me: short, strong and beautiful.

12th Apr 2006, 07:38
From the Chat interview held on the Community Chat (http://www.funkylydia.com/trcc.html):

Mark: [...] I have noticed that you have removed some levels shown in previous trailers, gameplay footages, etc. What happened to these levels? (i.e. Those screenshots of a tomb with Lara's blue sweater)

Morgan Gray: Wow. Yes, that was not a full level, but a part of our Himalayan level that we used as an initial test for our new gameplay. Along the way it didn't fit with our level goals so it went away, however Lara still has the blue sweater outfit. I'm surprised you noticed that! Good eyes!

12th Apr 2006, 12:03
hmmm ok , and what about the huge incan-like temple seen in the second trailer? also the river part and many others :/