View Full Version : Amanda refused to see me ?!

12th Apr 2006, 03:09
Ok, in Himalaya after "Excalibur reforged", passed the cut scene, the floor collapses. I know i should have run to the left and jump to the decrepit ledge. But unfortunately I 've chosen another way to jump onto the rock which doesn't collapse. And then, the entrance back to Bolivia shut forever.

I can get to the door, but no event triggered. Even when i swung down to the ledge, nothing happened then. I've heard some poor guy who shoot the roof before the get into the sword room meets the same problem.

is this a known bug? can 1.1 patch fix this? and, do i really have to play back from far beginning?


12th Apr 2006, 04:40
Heh did you overwrite your saved game @ that spot? If so that was not too smart <_<

12th Apr 2006, 07:01
as i played smoothly and the checkpoint takes anything, i ignore saving my progress since the tomb of king aurther! T T

12th Apr 2006, 07:26
If you restart your pc/console it will load from the last place you saved. It should have saved at the start of the nepal level

12th Apr 2006, 08:05
would not it start from last checkpoint saved if he resumed?

12th Apr 2006, 08:33
would not it start from last checkpoint saved if he resumed?

Yeh thats what i meant i was just saying that the game should automatically save at the start of each level anyway so he wont have to go that far back

12th Apr 2006, 15:34
Thanks for that, but it's strange i can only chose "Replay Levels" up to England instead of Nepal. So maybe i will have to overwrite my own file with a completed save to continue.

alright, i can live with that, since i didn't pay much attention and time on collecting secret items this time.