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12th Apr 2006, 02:30
Alright so I have a conundrum. Should I buy Legend for PC or 360?!

I just got done rebuilding my gameing system back up to my expectations... Do I want it for PC or Xbox360.... benefit of 360 is I can play it on the 52" High Def TV. PC would be running on my 19" CRT monitor. PC has much more horsepower then the 360... more ram etc. Would the game even use it?! .... I guess the real question is.... Is the higher res of PC monitors and high system specs enough reason to buy the game for PC vs the 360 Console. I do like the 360 and I think it would rock on the big screen.

3700+ Athlon 64
1.5Gig DDR400 Ram
36Gig WD Raptor
Nvidia eVGA 7600GT


Xbox 360
Pioneer 750Watt Dolby Surround (Optical)
52" High Def RCA

I'm so torn! HELP HELP HELP

Which Game is better?

12th Apr 2006, 02:44
Why not hook your rebuilt PC up to your HDTV? Grab a wireless keyboard and mouse and play to your hearts content.
I've had my pc in the livingroom for a couple of years now and love my pc gaming on my big screen...hardly ever touch my xbox any more...then again i do run my tv thru the pc including HDTV thru my pc. i'll never go back to cable/sat settop boxes...

12th Apr 2006, 02:56
The PC version is $10 cheaper. If that helps. ;)

12th Apr 2006, 03:17
Do you get good results running your graphics card through HDTV? I've tried it long ago and I just remember having ****ty ****ty results. I think it was probably because i was using S-Video back then... Although I believe this video card came with Component out connectors, I should be able to connect it to the HDTV with the 3 HDTV Component cables. Does it work great? Also like Maniac said, it is $10 cheaper. I'm leaning towards PC.

I got a nice Logitech Keyboard / Mouse Wireless Combo, never actually thought to go hook it up out in the main room though with the new vid card.

12th Apr 2006, 03:21
also gthsii, may I ask which HDTV Tuner card you are using?! I've been thinking about getting one for sometime now, although all I've seen is the ATI HDTV Tuner. I used to have an old TV Wonder VE and it was the biggest peice of ATI crap ever. If I could get a nice HDTV tuner card I'd probably copy you and do the same. That would super rock, why didn't I think of that ?!

Also do you have a problem with small font on the bigscreen... I remember my biggest ***** when I tried it last was the font was so small on such a HUGE Screen. It was next to impossible to read text when playing Online RPG's like EQ.

12th Apr 2006, 05:38
From what I hear, the PC version can look like the xbox & ps2 versions, but there is a "next gen" option which makes it look like the 360 version.

If your PC meets the recommended specs then get the PC version. It costs £29.99, but the 360 version costs £44.99 - £49.99. That's far too much for such a short game.

12th Apr 2006, 05:57
PC version is always more fun because you can mod, i dont think you can mod on consoles:D

12th Apr 2006, 12:33
Fribble: It was your svideo output...too much scaling involved.

I've actually gone through a few HD cards, the first was the accessDTV card (very buggy software-not recommended-but it did serve it's purpose for about 18 months). Second was the myHD card, which I still use but in a second PC not connected to the HD display. I use this to record stuff then transfer to the main PC for playback. I really liked the myHD card, superb software, came with a remote, records in a format called transportstream and there's a bunch of tools on the web to edit .ts files (i.e. edit out commercials, etc.). I rebuilt my main PC as a Windows MCE box, and bought two Avermedia A180 cards that run together in the MCE box. This allows me two tuners so I can watch one show while recording another, or record two shows while playing back a recorded HD program. The myHD card does not work under MCE thus my decision to buy the two Avermedia cards for that box (makes it easier for my wife to use-it's all integrated into MCEs program guide et al). One caveat - the Avermedias do not have onboard hardware MPEG decoders and so rely on the horsepower of your CPU...you must have at least a 3Ghz processor to run both and be able to record and watch at the same time. The myHD does have a MPEG decoder onboard and thus can run just fine with a lesser processor (ran mine quite well with a 2Ghz chip).

With respect to the display appearance...going from worst to best is component input - VGA input - DVI/HDMI input. Small differences between the three honestly, but DVI/HDMI is slighter better with respect to sharpness and color. Also, it's best on a 720p (native) HDTV...you send out 1280x720 and it's pixel to pixel mapping. Text is easily read from the couch, I surf the web, edit pics, play games, develop web sites, etc. on my HTPC (Home Theater PC, that is). Here's a couple of shots I just took real quick:


I guess I should have used a tripod, but you get the idea. Cheers!

EDIT: thats on a 50" Samsung DLP TV, taken from about 8 feet back.

12th Apr 2006, 21:10
If your PC is up to the task you can get the PC version new in the UK for £17.99 from a well known online store that shares it's name with the famous South America River.....