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11th Apr 2006, 21:33
hey guys, first off WOW WAHT A FANTASTIC GAME ;) !!!
now the problem... i own one of the first edition PS2's u know big old PS2!
ive not had any issues with any other games, not even the demo of TRL that i got free also i work in a video shop u see so i try all different types. Friday morning i went up to work a bought TRL got it home turned on my PS2, in went the disc on came the "PlayStation 2" logo then a black screen :eek: it just wouldnt load :eek:
so off i went back up to wrk, got a different copy, back home, once again...
turned on my PS2, in went the disc on came the "PlayStation 2" logo then a black screen!!!
is it a faulty batch??? not too sure. so i went to my friends and tryed it on his console... it loaded first time :mad: so crazy old me went and bought a new slim-line PS2 just to play with little old Lara (does that sound bad :confused: ) anyway, so i thought my PS2 must have just given out on me in the past few days, thats untill i went to work today and a one of the lads i work with says he rented TRL and it wouldnt load on his machine (BIG OLD PS2!!!) now ive tried other games on my old PS2 today and they work fine :( im not to happy about this, i mean a game that was gonna cost me £30 has cost me £140
Question: has anyone else had this problem???
thanks guys,

11th Apr 2006, 22:33
I can tell you on thursday when I get it. Did you try the demo? Its in the Official Playstation mag.

11th Apr 2006, 22:44
Heh just clean your ps2 lens, sometimes the ps2 can get emo and not work with certain games. I've experienced this in the past, and I also then bought a new ps2 and the game worked on new one and not on old one. So I opened the old one up using this guide http://arstechnica.com/articles/paedia/hardware/ps2.ars , and I cleaned out the lens and all was smooth sailing again. Then the newly purchased game worked on my freshly cleaned ps2.

23rd Apr 2006, 20:19
Ill warn you now, thats your PS2, it happened to me about a year ago and then it killed GTA by scratching it, it works better if you turn it on its side. but have new diddy ps2 now, wireless networking, well good!