View Full Version : Do you think TRL will sell out in stores

11th Apr 2006, 18:59
What are everyone's thoughts. Do you think the TRL game will be sold out as soon as they hit the shelves?

Mangar The Dark
11th Apr 2006, 19:18
Unlikely. The TR craze really died down many years ago. I remember just before Chronicles came out, I asked the guy in EBGames when they expected to have it, and he said, "They're making ANOTHER Tomb Raider? Jeez... I had no idea." So clearly, people hadn't been coming in asking about it. And I doubt AOD helped garner any new interest.

Still, Legend has been getting a decent amount of publicity, so you never know....

11th Apr 2006, 19:30
Accoring to the Games charts ... thats exactly what happens ... no matter what some nerdy shop assisants says!

11th Apr 2006, 19:52
The Xbox version of the game was sold out in Gamestation.

11th Apr 2006, 22:31
Sold out in mine they are having more in.

11th Apr 2006, 22:37
Well I know I am going to get it as soon as the store opens. :)

11th Apr 2006, 22:51
In Leeds it hasn't sold out in any of the stores I have been into... There is too much competition in the video games market for any games to be sold out, well, in the big stores anyway.

David 070
11th Apr 2006, 23:29
i went to the store today to get it but couldnt find it.i guess they dont have it yet.for some reason im not in a very big hurry to get it anymore,maybe since everyones been criticizing it,it has rubbed off on me. lol.:o

ill get it eventually though.whenever i see it.

11th Apr 2006, 23:55
TBH I dont even know why people are critisizing it? I for one, love the game to bits, got 100% completion and unlocked everythin but still love playing on it! You shouldn't be put off by what others think, it is what you yourself think that matters! Everyone has their own opinions.;)