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dumah's wraith
11th Apr 2006, 18:53
Zephon lived in a cathedral. Azimuth died in a cathedral. The bishop of meridian owned a cathedral. To whom?Okay, avernus could be to hash, but you get the impression thats a secret, shunned cult from bo

13th Apr 2006, 07:03
I don't know if you noticed, but it seems that your whole message didn't get through. This is a pretty interesting idea, so I'd like to see you finish this thought.

13th Apr 2006, 07:11
Oh, was "bo" supposed to be the end and not part of another word? It's "BO", as in Blood Omen? In that case-
The major human religion in LoK seems to be something similar to Christianity, with the Sarafan being like the inquisition, and I'd assume that the Avernus cult of Hash'ak'gik pretended to worship this Sarafan religion (and while I'm talking about them, did anyone notice that in Coorhagen at the end you can see some of the same cultists from Avernus? Maybe they spread the plague somehow?). I'm guessing that the one in BO2 was also part of this same religion, and the cathedral in SR I'm guessing could have been from the same religion, also the Drowned Abbey. And after Zephon took over, some humans put that place back to work obviously with the cult that worshiped Kain and was led by the Priestess.
Well, that's how I see it all anyway.