View Full Version : TB Legend Sound Issue

10th Apr 2006, 20:53
I’ve got some strange sound issue, It’s some king of cracking sound, don’t know what to do. I lowered sound acceleration, it helped but I don’t want always do it to play the game.

P.s. same problem was in Project Snowblind

My sound card is Creative Sound Blaster Live! 24Bit with latest official drivers

Here video of my problem http://vorob.nm.ru/tombsoundissue.avi

10th Apr 2006, 22:34
Same thing here. I also have the exact same sound card as you do. Try installing the patch, may be it will help.

Legendary Lara Croft
10th Apr 2006, 23:54
disable hardware acceleration for your sound card

Start-Settings-Control Panel- Sounds and Audio Devices-Speaker Settings Advanced- Performance- Hardware Acceleration-None

11th Apr 2006, 14:24
He already does that, but he doesnt want to do it.

Said to say thats all you can do for now till a new patch comes out.

20th Apr 2006, 12:52
An even better fix is to use another sound chip if possible. If you have both a sound card and onboard sound chip, try disabling one and using the other. A more extreme but definite fix is to get an ultra cheap sound card that's on the Microsoft Made for Windows list and isn't a Sound Blaster.

Joel B
20th Apr 2006, 15:42
I'm having the same problem with distorted sound. I think I have a seperate on board sound card aswell - can someone please tell me how I can disable my Soundblaster live and reactivate the on board sound?

Mr. Furious
21st Apr 2006, 08:13
Go to Device Manager and under Sound, Video and Game Controls, disable the Creative sound card and enable the onboard sound by right-click them to get the menu.