View Full Version : Which controller?

Lone Raider
10th Apr 2006, 10:00
I want to play custom levels since Legend has really put me off the new direction TR is going. However, I've never been very comfortable with the keyboard controls. So, which Playstation-like controller could I get then please?

13th Apr 2006, 21:13
Get an xbox 360 (wired) controller.

Best controller in world. Ever. and it comes with a usb connector so it works on PC as well as on Xbox 360.

1st May 2006, 07:46
Have no experience with the XBOX controller but I guess the Logitec Dual Action and Logitec Rumble 2 are made after the XBOX one and work brilliantly.

Lone Raider
1st May 2006, 08:01
Thank you guys. I have found something that really suits me now, a PS2 2 USB Converter for ten Euro, I'm already deeply immersed in custom levels, they are fantastic! :D

1st May 2006, 08:11
Then you're in for a treat of erm... about +1500 level/series to play...

That'll get you through this life still.