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10th Apr 2006, 09:09
not sure if im in the right place here
but i dl the lara desktop buddy from the site but i can't get it to work ?
i only see a dosicon with the name desktoplara
when i click on it it only open briefly a cmd box nothing else happens

running xp home with sp2

10th Apr 2006, 09:11
It is no longer available. The last Desktop Lara update uninstalled it. I do not know why.

10th Apr 2006, 09:20
any place else i can get it ??
or is it just not functional ?

10th Apr 2006, 09:29
Just goes to show, we can never call software our own...:D unless we wrote the code of course. ;)

I did notice tiny footprints across my PC desk the day after I noticed she'd gone... :eek:

10th Apr 2006, 14:05
Sad :(

10th Apr 2006, 15:09
LOL, lets hope Legend doesn't do the same thing....

10th Apr 2006, 22:38
any place else i can get it ??
or is it just not functional ?

Ok here it is... unzip the files to a folder and double click on DesktopLara.exe. Click on Cancel for the update. If that does not work then I do not know what to tell you.


11th Apr 2006, 08:54
got it, working :)

just instal and you wil follow the normal procedure you wil not see anything at first.
then copy and paste the contens of the zip file into the newly formed
c:\programfiles\desktoplara\ hooked up the icon to the desktop shortcut
Click on it skip update and youre running :D

11th Apr 2006, 14:41
I figured out why she is unstalled, it interfears with the game
but HE there is a desktop off button.
lara happelly climbing around here wonder what she is looking for :p
she wouldn't be going for my,..... oh no she wouldn't,... would she ???

:o :eek: :D

13th Apr 2006, 14:27
Thanks Trinity34! :D You're a lifesaver. :) Hurrah we all got our little Laras back!

14th Apr 2006, 14:08
Thanks for posting the original, Trinity. I made a backup of the original, but don't have it with me currently. That really pisses me off that they would disguise their sabotage as an "update", but since it seems no one else has actually gotten the updated version to work, I'll assume it was in fact just sabotage :confused: If anyone manages to find there really is an updated version that works, please let us know.

16th Apr 2006, 12:18
the files not downloadable anymore... could u post it again? thanx

16th Apr 2006, 15:38
The .ico and .exe the Desktop Lara setup program downloads is HTML. It says the website is being worked on, but it looks like it's gonna take a while.

If someone sends me (chance(a)blademail.net) the files in Program Files\DesktopLara I'll put it online somewhere until Eidos straightens out their site.


16th Apr 2006, 15:59
the files not downloadable anymore... could u post it again? thanx

Yes please?

18th Apr 2006, 20:20
can someone PLEASE send those files again. I would like to reactivate my DL :-)


18th Apr 2006, 21:13
See this post: http://forums.eidosgames.com/showpost.php?p=561205&postcount=34