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10th Apr 2006, 03:45

This for any of the console-version owning people.

Is this outfit (http://img433.imageshack.us/my.php?image=trl0013nu.jpg) avalable in the console versions? Particuarly Xbox, as that'll be the one I'm getting in a couple days.

I know there's a 'normal' (read: non-pimped out in 'Legacy of Kain' stuff) Goth*Lara, but I saw this outfit and fell in love with it instantly. And I'd be incredibly heartbroken if it's not in the console version of the game. =(


10th Apr 2006, 04:13
No worries! I can tell you now that I have the PS2 version of the game which is the same as the xbox version and 360 in cases of storyline and features and I have unlocked this costume but without the jacket??? There seems to be an empty space right next to the costume I have which should be room for this one but the skin I have unlocked is called 'Goth, Laced Shirt' and is exactly the same but without the purple jacket. Should get the purple jacket one pretty soon...I'm on 98% complete at the moment I will let you know when I get it.:)

Also if you are getting the game I would say it is best buying it for the ORIGINAL XBOX and NOT the 360 as there are glitches and it lags abit on the 360 but the original Xbox in my opinion runs and looks overall the best out of the 3 consoles it is released for (Xbox 360, PS2, Original Xbox)

10th Apr 2006, 04:21
Oh you're such a sweetie, thank you so much!!!! That helps *alot*. ^^

Ahhh, yeah, I'm getting the original Xbox version. =]

Thanks again! I really appreciate it.

10th Apr 2006, 04:24
No problem! And I hope you enjoy the game when you get it, I sure as hell did! Have fun!;)

Also does anyone know how to unlock Lara's two Bikini costumes? :D

I'm trying really hard but everytime i complete a task I unlock a costume but never ever a sexy one!:eek:

If someone could tell me how I can unlock the Bikini costumes I would greatly appreciate it.;)