View Full Version : Activating backed up savegames.

9th Apr 2006, 21:45
HEllo, i have backed up my previous save games for the campaign in imperial glory and then i reformatted my computer and the reinstalled imperial glory again. THe i dragged all those saves in to various folders in the imperial; glory directory and i tired for many. However when i go to campaign and click on open saved games it does not detect them. PLease help me, what am i doing wrong here?

15th Apr 2006, 02:20
hi dude,

The savegames don't go in the Imperial Glory folder by default, they go in My Documents\Imperial Glory Savegames.

If you are unsure where your save files are stored then load the game, save it with a unique name (for example - "qwertyuiop") then exit the game and run a search on your system for "qwertyuiop", that way you will know for sure where your saves go. Then drag your backed up saves into that folder, then you're good to go.

hope that helps.